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Hello, I’m Tanya. I offer online yoga classes for people with any level of experience. I will develop a personalised program for you that takes into account your unique situation and preferences.

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It's easy.

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The classic Hatha yoga suits most of people, but it can be practiced in many ways. `````Together we'll choose what benefits you most. Healthy back, stretching, balancing, restoration – I cover it all.

From comfort of your home

All you need is a suitable device with camera and mic, and a stable Internet connection. Online private lessons are very similar to in-person ones, but much more convenient and affordable.

Scheduled to suit your needs

My goal is to make yoga accessible to everyone. Either you consider a 30-minute weekly practice or 2-hour daily lessons, contact me and we'll find a schedule that works best for you.

Peace starts from within. Connect with your true nature through regular asana and pranoyama practices.

Tanya practicing yoga

Asana — a physical posture in which one can be steady and comfortable.

According to Pantajali, the practice of yoga postures is the third of 8 limbs of yoga. It is meant to be done with ease and joy. It isimportant to take your time with each pose, and move from posture to posture fully present.

Regular asana practice prevents the expression of negative emotional states like anxiety, depression, a sense of hopelessness, and replaces them with enthusiasm, joy, a positive outlook and peace.

Tanya practicing yoga

Pranayama — expanding the life force through breathing.

Pranayama is the practice of consciously regulating the breath. It is the fourth of 8 limbs of yoga. Breath is the way we take in and interact with the subtle life force energy that surrounds us.

When breathing becomes a mindful practice, we’re able to energise our bodies with this life force and change the way that our central nervous system reacts to stress.

Yoga will help you to transform your body and mind, and to start living life of balance and awareness. This is what my students say about their experience.

"I've always been struggling with my restless mind. Asana practice and meditation are two things that help me to find my place of peace."

Irina Panarina, United Kingdom

Practices yoga since 2014

"Tanya is not only a talented yoga teacher, she is also such an amazing human being. The time I spend in her company always leaves some of the most pleasant memories."

Sarita Jai, USA

Practices yoga since 2021

"Yoga makes me a better person. I have much more understanding and patience for my family."

Norma Ferrari, Italy

Practices yoga since 2018

Yoga teacher Tanya swimming in a lake

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